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Disposable E-Cig


  • Real Cigarette Filter!
  • 1 King XL is equal to approximately 1 PACK of traditional cigarettes!
  • Available in two flavors with 2.4% of nicotine


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Disposable E-Cig

Disposable e-Cig

  • Just one is equal to approximately 2 packs of traditional cigarettes!
  • No recharging, cleaning or changing cartomizers required!
  • A great, economical way to try out vaping
  • Available in two flavors with 18mg of nicotine

$14.95   $9.95

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Rechargeable Starter Pack

Rechargeable Starter Pack


  • Battery ($15 value)
  • USB Charger ($15 value)
  • Wall Adaptor ($10 value)
  • 6 Cartomizer Refills ($24 value)

$61.00   $40.95

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Platinum Pack

Platinum Pack


  • Rechargeable Starter Pack ($41 value)
  • 36 Eco-Cig Cartomizer Refills ($144 value)
SAVE Over $93!

$185.00   $91.95

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