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Eco-Cigs Tip Rechargeable

Eco-Cigs Tip Rechargeable

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Product description 

CSP Retailer Choice - 2012 - Best New Product Finalist

ECO-CIGS Tip Rechargeable is the ONLY eCigarette that charges from the tip-end. Period. Why? Because WE INVENTED IT. After watching friends and customers of our early generation rechargeable products fumble with the charging process, our founder thought there simply had to be a better way. So he designed it.

No other eCigarette is as easy to charge and recharge... as ECO-CIGS Tip Rechargeable. Because no other eCigarette charges like ours. Simply push the tip end into the supplied USB charger until it clicks and insert into any powered USB source. Need a drag while it’s recharging? Not a problem. Just unplug, take a drag and plug it back in. Simple, easy and fast. No disassembly required!

ECO-CIGS Tip Rechargeable comes with one Cartomizer refill (about two packs of traditional cigarettes), a battery and USB charger. Everything you need toget started.

Use ECO-CIGS Cartomizer Refills with your Tip Rechargeable. Pick the flavor and strength that just right for you. Cartomizers are the least expensive way to enjoy ECO-CIGS.

Customer reviews

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by Joy
on 8/11/2014
It's good
I tried a ton of disposable ecigs. This one gives you the most bang for you buck. I did it with the intent to quit but I find after using it since February, I am using it more and what used to be early in the beginning that one refill tip would last me two or three days is now lasting one day. I had a few bummers where the refill was defective and wouldnt allow me to vap no matter how hard I pulled on it. So that sucks since there is no way to get it to work and is like a pack down the drain. I never thought to contact customer service, next time I will because they ship fast and you can tell it is a real company trying to satisfy you. Oh, and dont think this will help you quit. I get just as nervous if I lose my ecig for a minute as I would if I only had two left in a real pack. I smell better for sure but the craving to puff is exactly the same. 

by Erich Mericle
on 4/7/2012
just a few bugs
ok i do love the eco-cigs they vape nicely good flavor and the battery last but iv had it 3 weeks and the battery keeps popping out of the charger and the cartomizers out of 12 that i have bought 3 didnt vape at all and one was packed wrong you couldnt see through it or hit it with i bit more quality control i would give you a 5 just not now 4 out of 12 is to many defects other then that i chose eco-cigs over the rest o and the tip with it being top heavy if you drop it it will hit the ground tip first and brake the clear top thank you for listening 

by Cheryl
on 2/2/2012
First time trying e-cig
I really do not smoke a lot, but I do get the need to light up once in a while. My step daughter bought one of your e-cigs and I took a puff (I liked it). I bought the rechargeable e-cig with the USP recharger. So far I like smoking the e-cig(it feels funny not to light up when I want to smoke).

by Steve
on 10/2/2011
Excellent so far
Just purchased the Eco-Cig and this is my first e-cig experience (co-worker told me about it) I usually do A LOT of research before trying something like this out, but I took a leap of faith and so far, so good! I have always been a self concious smoker in this non-smoker world we now live in and I did notice I got a few "dirty" looks from people when I used the e-cig today inside, but after I explained what it was, they were okay with the idea. It seems to be fairly reasonably priced and cheaper than my normal brand (Marlboro Menthol Gold Pack) Im gonna try to go full tilt with this and stop buying regular cigs and give this product a trial by fire. I sure hope it exceeds my expectations!

by Lilly
on 4/28/2011
so far so good
this is my first e-cigg. it's inexpensive and i like that i can charge it on my lap top like an ipod. it tastes ok and i don't miss smelling like smoke. i really hope i can quit and i'm trying this out.
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