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Disposable E-Cig
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Are you a smoker? Are you concerned with what you’re spending on traditional cigarettes? Have you considered trying an electronic cigarette yet? If you’re answer is “yes” to any of the above, then it’s time you tasted an ECO-CIGS disposable.

ECO-CIGS disposable premium e-cigarettes taste great and deliver long lasting thick vapor. Each ECO-CIGS disposable equals roughly two packs of traditional cigarettes... so they’re ECO-nomical too! ECO-CIGS are easy to use and ready to vape right out of the package. No charging and no refilling - just puff and enjoy!

Available in Classic Tobacco and Fresh Menthol flavors in 1.8% nicotine strength.


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by Lori L
on 3/30/2013
help! cant find 24mg refills
great product but cant find the 24mg tobacco refills anymore  the website shows 14 mg chked on the pics of the refill packs  but the copy states they're 18 mg ??? which is right???  website error or packaging error?  dont want to try the 18's & find out they're 14's.  would like to find the 24's  any suggestions
by Kosta
on 1/4/2013
Great taste
great taste
nice kick
I didn't have to freeze out all day , smoked inside.
About 500 puffs , don't think so , maybe 300 MAX !!
by Lucio
on 4/26/2011
I have tried quitting several times with bad results.  After having a bad reaction to both the patch and and the nicotine gum, because of the constant flow of nicotine into my body. I saw this option and jumped right on it, it put me in control.  I no longer have to worry about a bad reaction to any other nicotine product. Quitting has become easier and cheaper.
by Nadine
on 4/12/2011
I am a sometime smoker of traditional cigarettes.  I am trying to avoid the dangers of smoking, but do like one now and again.  For the amount I smoke, this is great! I just got my disposable today and it really is like the real thing! These are the new way to go!
by Michael
on 3/1/2011
Revolutionary product
I tried the disposable Eco-Cig from a local convenient store about 4 weeks ago.  I went back the next day to get the re-chargable and I bought a disposable for my friends and family.  I am very completely happy to say that myself, two friends, and my father-in-law (42 year smoker) are either smoking just the e-cig or nothing at all.  Nothing for me, smoker of 18 years.  I thank you and my family thanks you.
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